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Luxurious Amphibious Outdoor furniture

Simply & Beautifully

to make a statement outdoors

WAZ Outdoor offers a uniquely styled, glamorous outdoor range suited for both in and out of the pool.  The selection of quality materials ensures a highly attractive, durable product, which is easy to maintain. Each piece is created to be eye-catching whether in or around your pool.

Let our exclusive pool-to-land furniture inspire you and your guests to relax, take in the scenery and enjoy premium comfort.

Exclusive Design. Quality Assured

  • Internationally inspired and beautifully designed for its aesthetic & functional appeal
  • Only outdoor specific materials of an exceptional quality standard are sourced both internationally & locally for the development of the WAZ range
  • Luxurious and comfortable for your pool-time pleasure, the inner flotation beads mould to each individual’s shape & size
  • Easy to adjust, maintain, move and clean
  • Available in a variety of colours

About the WAZ Outdoor Range

WAZ Outdoor is all about luxurious, outdoor living and has been designed with the discerning few in mind.

The WAZ Outdoor amphibious range of luxury loungers and day-beds is aimed to turn heads when entertaining in and around your pool, creating  pool envy amongst those who appreciate quality and style.

Driven by globally inspired design and carefully selected highly spec’d outdoor fabrics from international and local mills, WAZ Outdoor combines this with fine local craftsmanship to offer an enviable end product.

Where WAZ Outdoor Began

Sarah Wassell was so inspired while travelling abroad by the absolute simplicity & style of a high-end outdoor lounger, that she set out to create a product not yet available to the discerning outdoor enthusiast in South Africa: stylish, comfortable, flotation pool furniture that can be used both in and out of the pool. It is with this client in mind that Sarah sought out the finest fabrics, colours and designs to bring a unique amphibious range to the local market.

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