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Fabulously Fuchsia Collection

These vibrant fuchsia loungers offer spacious comfort, with the ottomans serving as a handy side-table or additional seating.

Although not designed for floating on the pool like WAZ’s popular pool-to-patio range, the new lounger is nonetheless fitted with the same inner bag of virgin polystyrene beads, ensuring absolute comfort that fits everyone’s size and shape.

And while it has been developed to weather the outdoors, the WAZ lounger will perform equally well indoors, so add ‘versatility’ to its impressive list of attributes.

Tailor-made from imported fabric to the highest standard by local craftsmen, the luxurious fuchsia lounger and ottoman set are ideal for boutique hotels, guesthouses and lodges, or for the on-trend homeowner wanting to make a bold style statement.

(R18 995.00)

Lounger Extra Length
(R21 995.00)

Ottoman (Large, Square)
(R7 995.00)

Square Ottoman(Small, Round)
(R5 995.00)

Facts about the range

  • Intended for comfortable outdoor seating (upright) and lounging (horizontal
  • Superior craftsmanship ensures a  quality assured, world-class finish
  • Inner virgin beads allow for exceptional comfort and relaxation as the lounger naturally moulds to each persons shape & size
  • Lounger size: (length) 115cm x (width) 105cm x (height) 60cm
  • Lounger, extra length size: (length) 190cm x (width) 105cm x (height) 65cm
  • Ottoman (small, round) size: (length) 52cm x (width) 52cm x (height) 40cm
  • Ottoman (large, square) size: (length) 102cm x (width) 102cm x (height) 36cm
  • Fabric has been carefully sourced from a world- re-known Italian designer for its superior quality and exceptional outdoor specs
  • Colours: Fuchsia Pink
  • Trim: is thick and same colour as the body
  • Unlike the Amphibious Range, the Fabulously Fuchsia collection is not intended to be submerged in water. It is preferable to be leave this range out of severe wet conditions and rather under an over-hang during the wet months

Custom design

  • WAZ Outdoor offers additional, vibrant, big statement colours for those wanting something really expressive. For additional colours, please however note that a minimum order of 4 loungers will be required
  • Quality is fundamental to the WAZ business, which means that your WAZ Outdoor products are each tailor-made within the strictest quality guidelines supported by multiple production checkpoints
  • Due to fabrics been sourced internationally, as well as stringent quality requirements, please allow for 1 – 6 weeks for delivery. 1-2 weeks should there be stock in the country and 6 weeks should we need to order from abroad

Easy to Use, Move & Maintain

  • For stubborn marks, use a soft sponge and light detergent and carefully wash the affected area before thoroughly rinsing with a hose
  • Ensure your outdoor furniture is completely dry before storing
  • To learn even more about caring for your WAZ Outdoor product, visit our FAQ

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