From our audacious amphibious furniture to our spectacular Hanging Gardens, WAZ Outdoor’s striking designs bring sophistication, comfort, and a delightfully unexpected twist to outdoor living. Our internationally inspired high-end collections blend elegance and simplicity to create uniquely stylish and versatile pieces. Whether you want an enviable centre-stage in your outdoor entertainment area or the ultimate in relaxation, WAZ outdoor can deliver the bespoke design you need.



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The European Collection

Sophistication with simplicity and elegance blended with durability for luxurious lounging, from floating on the pool to putting your feet up on the patio.

The Mediterranean Collection

Voluptuous, robust design for practicality combined with bold colours and fabrics brings a playful yet refined personality to the poolside.

The Italian Collection

Unapologetically bold but beautifully elegant, adding a dramatic statement with vibrant colours, gorgeous textures and accentuated trim finishes.

The African Collection

Boutique outdoor furniture that resonates with the heartbeat of the African Safari lifestyle. Designed using specialized woods, and world-class, striking woven fabrics in earthy shades and textures.

The Grecian Collection

Luxurious daybeds clad in elegant mock linen slipcovers bring a chic charm. Soft, spacious and made for sharing, lazing and sun-worshipping.

The Capri Collection

Super-sized designer daybeds for opulent island living. Crafted on a sleek, wooden base, with a slender mattress and a myriad of plump cushions that offer indulgent comfort and pure sophistication.

The Spanish Collection

Versatile, spacious, weather-resistant modular units make your outdoor entertainment area stylish all year round.

Hanging Gardens Collection

An extraordinary outdoor living artwork collection comprising meticulously created giant kokedama of 50-85kg that elegantly hover in the air. These unique planted displays bring a stylishly dramatic and natural feel to any space.

Why Choose



All WAZ Outdoor materials have been sourced from around the globe and rigorously tested to ensure the highest possible standards and enduring quality.


The unique flagship Amphibious Collection from WAZ Outdoor is the first of its kind, living stylishly
in and out of the water. The company’s other magnificent designs and accessories also offer
innovative opulence for al fresco living.


All fabrics have been engineered for durability, ensuring furniture retains its beauty throughout the
season, withstanding the elements, mould and harsh sunlight.



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