Where should I hang my WAZ Outdoor Hanging Garden?
In any special outdoor area where it can be seen and enjoyed every day – whether it’s a feature wall, on a patio or along a walkway. We can recommend a practical, but aesthetically pleasing hanging solution that suits your hanging area of choice that is sheltered. We do not recommend a windy spot.
Are the Hanging Gardens suitable for the indoors?
Yes, but please notify us in advance so that we can ensure all plants selected can thrive indoors.
How do I water my Hanging Garden if it is hanging?
We can recommend an irrigation system that can be installed and activated once a week for 1 hour. Otherwise, water once to twice a week by hand with a watering can with a rose attachment. Watering can be skipped if it rains.
How often should I water my Hanging Garden?
We recommend that The African and The Amazon be watered once a week, depending on the weather and your specific climate. Ensure that all nodes with plants get sufficiently wet. The Sahara can be watered fortnightly. Skip your regular watering if it rains.
What should I do if I have over-watered my Hanging Garden?
Simply leave it and allow the water to drain through the bottom. Wait for the garden to dry out before attempting to water again.
Should I be adding plant food to my Hanging Garden?
It is recommended that you use a natural water-soluble plant food monthly, year-round, though you can reduce feeding in the winter.
What simple care instructions should I follow to maintain my Hanging Garden?
Ensure you have the right location for the type of garden you have selected and hang it in an area that won’t leave it vulnerable to strong winds. Avoid over-watering and water-logging the garden.
Can I choose the plants I want added to the Hanging Garden?
Yes you may, as long as they are in season and readily available. Should they not already be on our suggested list, we will happily source them. The price might vary according to the prices of these sourced plants.
Do you deliver country-wide?
We currently only deliver in the Western Cape for a fee of R550. Other regions will require a separate crating and delivery quote


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