The Italian Collection boasts the Fabulously Fuchsia outdoor fabric, which has been sourced in Italy and makes a bold colour statement. Pretty but rugged, its highly textured weave, double stitching and extra thick trim offer something truly unique and inspiring.

This shapely Collection with its elegant curves includes the Lounger, Lounger XL and Ottoman.

The Lounger in the standard length offers a more seated position, while the Lounger in the extra length lends itself towards more horizontal lazing. The inner filling of EPS Virgin Beads allows for superb comfort as the beads take the shape and form of each individual.

This spectacular Italian fabric is designed to love the outdoors. Offering the highest quality sun protection, as well as stain, mould & mildew resistance. The Collection is designed with re-moveable covers for easy removal and cleaning. The fabrics can be machine-washed and are quick-drying.

Pricing starting from R6000 ex vat





That lets you know it is there and waiting for you.


Each unit is customised to perfectly fit your decorating needs.


Highly spec’d outdoor materials for luxury appeal and durability.


Tailor-made by local craftsman ensuring meticulous attention to detail


Slipcovers can be machine washed










WAZ Outdoor fabrics and materials have been sourced from around the globe and tested against the highest possible standards to ensure lasting quality. The fabrics have been engineered for durability so that your outdoor furniture will retain its beauty throughout the seasons, withstanding the elements, mould, and harsh sunlight. We have a range of 100’s of fabrics available, contact us with your ideas


Do not tumble dry or iron. All Outdoor units have removeable covers that can be washed and air dried.
For tougher stains, use a soft sponge or brush and mild detergent if necessary, and rub gently. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry flat.

Always ensure your WAZ Outdoor furniture is completely dry before storing.
All WAZ Outdoor products are weather- and fade-resistant. However, unnecessary exposure to the elements over long periods of time will result in wear and tear. It is advisable to store your WAZ Outdoor furniture in a covered area during rainy seasons. The WAZ Outdoor Collections (Italian, Grecian & Spanish Collections) are perfectly suited to the outdoors, but we caution against soaking rain. This is due to their construction materials not being quick-drying and, if left wet for a period of time, it can result in mould build-up.
Please request this information when choosing your fabric, as each and every fabric is different.
All fabrics recommended by WAZ have an excellent lightfastness score. Tests have shown that on a scale of 1 to 8, with 8 being the highest, WAZ’s recommended fabrics have scored a 7-8 for colour- and fade-resistance in both dry and wet conditions.
Our fabric specialists offer a 2-year guarantee on the fabric for the loss of fabric strength or fading. WAZ Outdoor offers the same guarantee effective from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover Acts of God, willful destruction, normal wear and tear or staining from atmospheric pollution or sun creams.
No. Try the Amphibious range, if you want your outdoor furniture to go in the water.
Yes, see care instructions above. For machine washing, please check with WAZ.





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