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The WAZ Outdoor Collections are designed to make a bold statement and promise to transform any outdoor living space. Both offer sophistication and luxurious comfort, whether you opt for the unapologetically bold Fabulously Fuchsia or the peaceful serenity of the neutral Grecian Collection. The technical engineering and design allow WAZ Outdoor furniture to be extremely durable and able to withstand many hours of harsh sunlight. However, they don’t take as well to water as their WAZ Amphibious counterparts and care should be taken during rainy seasons.

• Outdoor luxury
• Beautiful designs and colours
• Engineered fabrics and materials
• Luxurious and comfortable


The WAZ Italian Collection boasts the Fabulously Fuchsia outdoor fabric, which has been sourced in Italy and makes a bold colour statement. Good-looking and rugged, its textured weave, double stitching and extra thick trim offer something truly unique and inspiring.

This shapely lounger with its elegant curves offers supreme comfort, and the ottoman doubles up as the perfect perch for your poolside aperitif.

Standard Lounger
(120cm x 100cm x 70cm)

Extra length Lounger
(200cm x 100cm x 70cm)

(52cm x 52cm x 40cm)


These luxurious daybeds are elegantly covered in mock linen slipcovers with a chic charm. Soft, spacious and made for sharing, this is a perfectly made bed for opulent lazing, sharing and sun appreciating.

The structured backrest allows for a seated position and some leisurely reading, while the soft, contrasting cushions lend further comfort, support and decorative appeal.

Single Day Bed
(200cm x 80cm x 65cm)

Double Day Bed
(200cm x 135cm x 65cm