Can I tumble Dry or Iron?
Do not tumble dry or iron. The easy-to-clean outer and inner bags can simply be rinsed using a garden hose.
For tougher stains, use a soft sponge or brush and mild detergent if necessary, and rub gently. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry flat. Ensure your WAZ Outdoor furniture is completely dry before storing.
Can I leave my lounger outdoors permanently?
All WAZ Outdoor amphibious products are weather- and fade-resistant. However, unnecessary exposure to the elements over long periods of time will result in wear and tear. It is advisable to store your WAZ Outdoor furniture in a covered area during rainy seasons. The WAZ Outdoor and Fabulously Fuchsia Collections and the Grecian DayBed are perfectly suited to the outdoors, but we caution against soaking rain. This is due to their construction materials not being quick-drying and, if left wet for a period of time, it can result in mould build-up.
What are WAZ fabrics made of?
European Collection: Dependent on fabric choice Mediterranean Collection: Dependent on fabric choice Italian Collection: 100% Poliolefinic Grecian: 100% Sunbrella Acrylic
Will the fabric fade?
Tests have shown that on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, WAZ Outdoor Signature Fabrics have scored a 4-5 for colour- and fade-resistance in both dry and wet conditions.
How often do I need to change the inner beads?
Your WAZ Outdoor product is filled with very durable virgin beads from specialist stockists. The product has been tested by WAZ Outdoor and will last for numerous seasons before replacement of the beads is necessary
Can I recycle the beads afterwards?
Can I have my WAZ Outdoor furniture delivered internationally?
Yes you can. Due to volumetric weight, WAZ suggests we send the covers without beads (i.e. without the filling). The WAZ Outdoor team will happily arrange all packaging requirements and assist you in sourcing the appropriate bead suppliers in your destination country. Bead volume requirements and filling instructions will be advised.
Is there a guarantee?
Our fabric specialists offer a 2-year guarantee on the fabric for the loss of fabric strength or fading. WAZ Outdoor offers the same guarantee effective from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover Acts of God, wilful destruction, normal wear and tear or staining from atmospheric pollution or sun creams.
Can I use my WAZ Lounger indoors?
Can I put my “WAZ Outdoor” Collection lounger in the pool?
No. Try the Amphibious range, if you want your outdoor furniture to go in the water.
Can I clean my lounger?
Yes, see care instructions above.
Is WAZ Outdoor furniture safe for children?
While WAZ Outdoor products are entertaining to children, attention should be paid when they are using the furniture within or around the pool. The small, light-weight inner beads present a danger to children if swallowed or inhaled. Take care when cleaning or refilling your inner bag around children.
Are there any precautions?
All WAZ Outdoor products are designed using only virgin beads and are not filled with recycled or shredded materials or other foam alternatives. Virgin beads are highly flammable, so please practice caution when using your WAZ Outdoor furniture in or around an open flame or heat conductors such as heaters or radiators. These beads are no more than 3-5 mm in diameter. While each WAZ Outdoor product is designed to be beautifully buoyant, they are for relaxation only and are therefore not an approved floatation device.
When filling the Amphibious Furniture, what are the required quantities of virgin beads?
7 kgs to fill the standard length loungers
13 kg to fill the extra length loungers
6 kg to fill the day bed
It is a personal preference, but a less stuffed lounger appears more comfortable as there is more movement of the beads in the bags.
How do I fill my Amphibious Furniture?
Filling is very simple. Open the zipper on the outer cover, then the zipper on the inner bag. (The outer cover and inner bag are joined together during the production of the WAZ, so that when the beads are poured in all corners are successfully reached. These can however be detached for cleaning and retied thereafter). It is recommended that one person keeps the cover & bag wide open, while another person pours in the beads. Once filled to the desired quantity, simply zip both bag and cover closed. Shake up the WAZ, and it’s ready to go straight onto the deck or into the pool.


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