Mediterranean Lounger – Mosaic

R 16 500

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The WAZ Mediterranean Collection is amphibious by nature and therefore loves being in and out of the water. This wonderful attribute is what makes WAZ so unexpected and truly magical.

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This Mediterranean Floating Collection includes the Lounger and the Limited Edition Sports Lounger.

This Lounger is a standard length model offering a more seated position.

This particular Mediterranean design is more curvaceous and rounded than its European counter-part.

The inner filling of EPS Virgin Beads allows for superb comfort as the beads take the shape and form of each individual.

They too ensure excellent buoyancy and floatation, so no capsizing and getting wet.

The Collection is available in a variety of hand-picked outdoor fabrics and trims to suit the most discerning decorating needs.

The recommended fabrics are performance fabrics offering the highest quality sun protection, and are stain, mould & mildew protected. Most fabrics offer a 2 year guarantee.

All European Designs come with re-moveable covers for easy removal and cleaning. Most fabrics can be machine-washed and air-dried.

Dimensions: 120cm x 100cm x 60cm

Item will be produced within 4-6 weeks

Should you not find your ideal colour or textured fabric in the shop, please note that we have a large collection of magnificent outdoor options. For more details Contact Us to assist with customising your order.

All prices are ex Cape Town, South Africa.

Flat-packed orders (without the inner filling) are ideal for international transportation. Contact Us for these options and we can provide a separate quotation. info@wazoutdoor.com



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