Return Policy

Products may not be returned unless the incorrect product has been supplied or the product is damaged upon delivery. In such an instance WAZ Outdoor will exchange the product on condition that:

-the product is returned in its original condition

-the customer returns the product within ten working days of receipt and confirms same by sending a written notice to (within a three day period).

-All returns must be communicated and confirmed with WAZ Customer Services prior to shipment, to ensure the product is correctly ‘flat-packed’ (no bead filling) and the correct economy courier service is contracted. Without this, WAZ will not be held liable for any courier costs.  The onus is on the customer to ensure that the goods returned are received by WAZ Outdoor within 10 working days.

Once we have inspected the product and validated your claim, we will repair/replace the product as quickly as possible. If we are unable to repair or replace the product, we will refund you with the purchase price of the product and handling cost.What constitutes a defect? Any material imperfection in the manufacture of a product or any characteristic of a product which makes the product less acceptable than one would reasonably be entitled to expect in the circumstances.The following will NOT be regarded as defects and will not entitle you to a return:

-faults resulting from normal wear and tear

-damage arising from negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product

-damage arising from a failure to adequately care and maintain the product

-damage arising from unauthorised alterations to the product

Should your product be custom made for your decorating specifications, there will be no refund, should you wish to cancel your order. For ready-made orders, there will be a 10% cancellation fee to cover any administration costs as well as any courier fees incurred.