(only available in Cape Town)

The WAZ Outdoor Hanging Gardens Collection comprises meticulously created Giant Kokedama of 50-65 kg and dimensions of 50-65cm that elegantly, almost magically hover in the air. The collection offers a choice of three “habitats” – The African, The Amazon and The Sahara. A spectacular addition on a patio, atrium, along a walkway or any outdoor area that could do with a showstopper!

The Hanging Gardens are skilfully constructed using intricate stitching to form a lush tapestry of moss, soil and the crowning glory: a luxurious combination of plants carefully selected by a horticulturalist.  There are 12 to 15 different plant species per Hanging Garden, including a few rare finds. (Please note that the selection is subject to availability). Robust, yet aesthetically pleasing design. Enforced by corrosion-free stainless steel. We can recommend the right hanging solutions to suit your hanging area.


Inspired by Africa’s breathtaking untouched landscapes. With indigenous beauties such as hen and chickens, natal ivy, succulent bulbs and asparagus fern, this glorious green feature is suited to semi-shade/morning sun areas.


Inspired by the abundance and exotic charm of the jungle. This lavish display of greenery features a striking ensemble of plants that flourish in shade/semi-shade, including delicious monster, ivy, bromeliads and ferns.


Inspired by the rare splendours of the desert. A wonderfully waterwise option, the Sahara comes alive with hardy delights such as stonecrop, spekboom, coral reef and blue chalk. Well-suited to areas where sunlight abounds.


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